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    Springtime Training at Home Program

    Hi Club Members

    With the start of the spring soccer season on hold we want to provide all our players with an at

    home training initiative. If you have played soccer before, then you likely have some ideas of

    how to keep active with soccer. We are providing several examples below for you to practice

    and will work towards creating a network of drills through the spring. These training ideas can

    be done individually or with a sibling, parent or family member. Getting lots of touches on the

    ball and staying active will keep players prepared for the start of the season and maintain or

    improve overall health. Please see the below training ideas and videos on our YouTube Channel

    demonstrating these activities plus contest details. How many can you do? Do you have

    another training idea you use at home? Get ready to share! There is lots we can learn from

    each other so check back on YouTube and Facebook regularly for updates.

    Video link: https://youtu.be/oBhLVTK-fnI

    Facebook Page: Oceanside Youth Soccer Society

    Do you need a soccer ball for training at home? We will be happy to get you one! Please

    contact oysspresident@oceansideyouthsoccer.com to make arrangements.

    Training Ideas


    Juggling is a great way to get many touches on the ball. How long can you keep it off the

    ground? You can use your feet, knees, chest and head to keep it up. Elevator is a juggling game

    played with a partner or small group. The objective is to elevate the number of juggles. Start

    with 1, then can you or you partner do 2, 3, 4 and so on? Keep track of your highest amount

    and see if you can beat that number your next time out. For younger players, start with juggles

    on the knee and add in catching the ball until more control is shown.

    Dribbling Obstacle Course

    What can you find to use? Do you have some cones, sporting good such as other balls or sticks,

    a folding chair? Be creative and set up a dribbling course. Can you make it through or around

    all the obstacles? Now try only using touches with your right foot, left foot, inside of feet or

    outside of feet. Do you have a partner to challenge? See who can complete the cleanest or

    fastest round.

    Receiving the Ball

    This is easiest performed with a partner, however could be done individually against a wall or

    bottom of a slope. Set up 2 markers 2m apart. The receiving player stands behind the markers.

    The passing player is 4-5m away in front of the markers. The ball is passed to the receiving

    player and they are to take a controlled first touch and then play the ball back to their partner

    with the second touch. Start off with 5-10 passes controlled directly in front of yourself

    between the two markers. Next progress to 5 passes controlled outside the marker to your left,

    then 5 controlled outside the marker to your right. Can you think of another progression? Be


    Contest details

    As you train at home, you can also win some great prizes! Take a short video (30-60 seconds) of

    yourself participating in a drill provided or your own version. By sending the video, you agree

    to the club posting to our YouTube channel and/or Facebook page. The first round of the

    contest will run from March 23rd -April 18th with two categories, U5-U9 and U10-U18. Just by

    submitting a video you will be entered into the contest which will be drawn at random for the

    first round. The prizes for each category will be a $25 Soccer City Gift Certificate. The next

    round will start on April 19th and more information will be released closer to the date.

    The second contest starts March 28rd and runs until May 1st. This contest is for best

    adult/parent participation. The prize in this category is a $25 voucher towards player

    registration in upcoming fall or spring season.

    Videos can be sent to oysspresident@oceansideyouthsoccer.com